Spain Visa Information


Capital City: Madrid

Local Time :GMT + 1

Telephone Code+ 34

Bank TimeClosed on Saturday and Sunday

Exchange Rate1 USD is equivalent to 108 EUR

Embassy AddressFOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS: Salmon Centre, House No 4A, Road No 22, Gulshan-01, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Contact Of Sales Agent For Buying Ticket


 Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa for SPAIN- Information

Documents required:
1. Spanish Schengen visa application form, duly filled in and signed by the applicant.

2. One recent color passport-size photo with white background (gents with uncovered head) has to be glued to the application form.
3. Original and photocopy of passport or official travel document:
3.1. Bangladeshi nationals: photocopy of the page with the personal data (and other relevant pages) and previous visas.
3.2. Non- Bangladeshi nationals: photocopy of pages with the personal data (and other relevant pages), previous visas and the Bangladeshi residence visa which it has to be valid at least three months after the expiry date of the Schengen visa.
All passports have to have been issued during the previous 10 years and should be valid for at least 3 months longer than the validity of the visa applied for.

4. Visa fee.

5. Medical insurance (covering 30.000,00 €) including repatriation from any Schengen State in case of emergency. The medical insurance has to cover all your stay in all Schengen States.

6. Photocopy (full page) of your booking of return ticket.

7. Hotel confirmation or hotel voucher for the whole stay or other documents proving accommodation.

8. Economic means: Original Bank Statement (Personal and company) and credit card statements for the last 6 months which should be updated. The statements should be signed by the bank/branch manager and should be bear seal/stamp of the bank/branch manager.
9.1. If visiting family or friends, proof of sponsorship including proof of family/ties with the sponsor, letter of invitation, specific countries may request additional supporting documentation
9.2. If employed by a company in Bangladesh: Certificate of employment mentioning:
(i) Address, telephone and fax number of the company;
(ii) Name and position in the company of the countersigning officer;
(iii) Name of applicant, position, salary, and number of years of service;
(iv) Certificate of leave absence.
9.3. If self-employed:
(i) Certificate of incorporation of the company or organization in Bangladesh and/or Memorandum and articles of association and/or Trade License legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and afterward translated in the Spanish language
(ii) Income Tax Returns (translated into Spanish) for the last one year/ TIN Certificate
9.4. If student:
(i) Proof of enrolment in an educational establishment in Bangladesh;
(ii) Certificate of leave absence if traveling during the school year. The certificate should mention the full address, telephone number, permission of absence; name and function of the person granting permission;
(iii) If school trips, letter of the school mentioning the purpose, the duration, and the destination.
9.5. If traveling with spouse and/or children: Marriage certificate issued by a responsible authority and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and afterward translated in the Spanish language.

10. Documents related to civil status:
(i) Marriage certificate (married applicants);
(ii) Divorce certificate “talak Namah” (divorced applicants);
(iii) Death certificate, (widows or widowers);
(iv) Birth certificate (children).
10.1. If minor:
(i) Consent of parents or custodian if both parents are not traveling together;
(ii) Photocopy of passport of parents or legal guardian;
(iii) Proof of economic means of parents or legal guardian (refer to point 1.);
(iv) Original birth certificate of the minor issued by the responsible authority.

11. Personal letter of introduction where the reason for the trip and visiting itinerary appears clearly stated.

12. The whole file must be one side photocopied in A4 format in order to be properly scanned so a full set of photocopies must accompany the application


1. Embassy fee BDT 5,800/- Payable to Embassy
2. Our services charge 1,500/-  Payable to us + Travel health insurance + Translation fee of Spanish Language
Note: Service charge can be changed without prior notice. 

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