Kuwait Airways Dhaka Sales Office

Kuwait Airways Sales Office

Travel Fare BD is the approved deals operator of Kuwait Airways. Kuwait Airways deals office situated in Happy Arcade Shopping Mall, Dhanmondi,Dhaka City College. On the off chance that you need to have this stunning knowledge of Kuwait Airways, you can gather your ticket from ravel Fare BD .Travel Fare BD is one of the top travel organization in Bangladesh, They give air tickets at modest value contrast with other travel agents. Travel Fare BD gives air tickets, inn appointments, occasion bundles and procedures visa for making a trip to practically any nation on the planet.

About Kuwait Airways:

Kuwait carrier is one of the greatest aircrafts on the planet at the present time, which works 34 goals everywhere throughout the world. The fundamental motto of Kuwait Airways is, “Acquiring Your Trust”. It works different sorts of flying machine. The call indication of Kuwait Airways is KU. Kuwait Airways is exceptionally known for its administrations towards its clients, they generally keep up high consumer loyalty. It was established in 1953. They generally remain cautious about each slight thing about a client. The principle base of Kuwait Airways is Kuwait International Airport.

Kuwait Airways is possessed by the legislature of Kuwait. It’s a state-possessed Airlines. Kuwait Airways obtaining new flying machine’s according to they’re development plan .The director of Kuwait Airways is Yousef A M J Alsaqer. It’s improving its administration step by step. The flight’s teams of Kuwait aviation routes very much prepared and they’re administration is amicable. They realize how to manage a wide range of clients. Kuwait aviation routes constantly offer its clients great and fascinating arrangements.

Kuwait Airways

Goals of Kuwait Airways:

Kuwait Airways works on 34 goals everywhere throughout the world with incredible administration. The carriers are intending to expand their universal goal flights. They’re acquiring new airplane’s to build their administration according to their extension plan. According to their extension plan, they intend to expand more course’s in Asia and Europe. .They work numerous flights in Asia and Middles East, those goals are:

1). Alexandria, 2). Al Najaf, 3). Beirut, 4). Cairo, 5). Chennai, 6). Dhaka, 7). Islamabad, 8). Kochi, 9). Istanbul, 10). Jeddah, 11). Sana’s, 12). Manila, 13). Lahore, 15). Delhi, 16). Thiruvananthapuram, 17). Jakarta, 18). Bangkok, 19). Kuala Lumpur, 20). Damman, 21). Dubai, 22). Abu Dhabi, 23). Medina, 24). Muscat, 24). Amman, and Ahmedabad They likewise work flew flights on Europe moreover. Those goals are I). Rome, ii). Vienna, iii). Paris CDG, iv). Geneva, v). London Heathrow, vi). Frankfurt Main, vii). Istanbul. They’re working every one of these goals effectively with high consumer loyalty.

Classes Of Kuwait Airways:

I) Economy Class: You will get a *)pillow,*) cover, *)breakfast/lunch/supper, *)muffin or tea/espresso, *)headphones,*) TV with different channels and music

II) Business Class: You will get *)pillow, *) cover, *)breakfast/lunch/dinner,*) snacks with tea/espresso, *)TV with different channels and music,*) headphones.*) Business class travelers get free Oasis and the Dasman parlors administration.

III) first Class : You will get *) pad , *) blanket,*) level untruth seats,*) guaranteeing privacy,*) snacks with tea/coffee,*) Magazines,*) TV with different channels and music,*) complimentary wireless internet, *)breakfast/lunch/dinner,*) free access to Oasis and Dasman relax and get administration from that, earphones.

Stuff Allowance

Additional stuff’s will charged according to the carrier’s approach. The things approach can get change whenever by the aircraft. Conveying restricted things in flying machine will be considered as abusing the law. It would be ideal if you pursue each standard while stuff checking to remain bother free.

Limited and Prohibited Baggage:

There is something which you can’t acquire a plane, those things are :

1). Genuine or toy weapons 2). Arms and ammo 3). Explosives or anything containing explosives(fireworks or sparklers) 4). Any sort of knifes 5). Metal cutlery 6). Slingshot 7). Tradesman’s instrument 8). Darts 9). Scissors 10). Sewing needles 11). corkscrews 12). Laser pointer 13). Extremely sharp edges 14). Hypodermic needles and syringes (if for therapeutic reason, you have carried the restorative authentication to affirm it)

Discover Your Booking

Kindly guarantee your tickets before 8 hours of installed time. This will assist you with staying guarantee about your flight and flight time. You can check your tickets by reaching the aircrafts or organizations which have given your ticket. You can likewise check your tickets by reaching us charge me to apply. It is practically imperative to check and guarantee your tickets before 8 hours on board time. This will assist you with staying strain free about your ticket. Check Your Booking

Book Your Ticket Online

The online ticket framework is presently a standout amongst the most solid approaches to get tickets. An online ticket booking administration spares you important time. You can book your ticket with the assistance of your cell phone or PC gadget with an application. Online ticket administration isn’t spam. Each aircraft is presently giving an online ticket booking framework. A lot of individuals is currently reserving tickets on the web. You can check whenever to check whether your booking is made or not. You don’t need to remain in a long line to get your tickets. The online ticket booking framework is getting prevalent step by step.

I. Single direction or Round-excursion or Multi-City.

ii. From/Origin and To/Destination.

iii Depart (Travel) date and Return date.

iv. Various Passengers and Class and

v. Snap Search Button.

Gulshan Pink City
Plot No. 15, Road No. 103
Block C, Level 7, Gulshan Avenue
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Contact Number: +88 02 8881742
Fax: +88 02 8881558
Email: dacsmku@kuwaitairways.com
Office Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 09:00am-17:00pm
Saturday: 09:00am-14:00pm

Kuwait Airways Dhaka Airport Office Address
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
Room No. 35/36/37
3rd Floor, Terminal 01

Kuwait Airways Dhaka Airport Contact Info
Station Manager: +88 02 8901778
Passenger Service: +88 02 8901182
Fax: +88 02 8901183
DAC Airport Office Function Hours:

Kuwait Airways Dhaka Cargo Address:
Cargo Village
International Airport
Room No. 318

Kuwait Airways Dhaka Cargo Contact Info
Telephone: +88 02 8901359
Fax: +88 02 8901361

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